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KMR Legal Staffing is a premier legal staffing agency and a subsidiary company of Knight, Morris & Reddick Law Group, LLC, a small boutique law firm based in Chicago. KMR Legal Staffing offers a unique perspective because the founders have both practitioner experience in the legal industry and as recruiters for contract attorneys. Our specialized agency matches highly experienced attorneys with document review projects of all sizes. All of our team members are licensed attorneys and each have held positions in law firms. Our attorneys will fulfill your company’s legal needs in an efficient and personalized manner.

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KMR Law Group has a strong belief in the importance of developing and maintaining lasting relationships with our clients. This fundamental belief is conveyed in the work of KMR Legal Staffing. Our team of attorneys will get to know your company’s requirements and objectives, delivering to you the best document review services possible. After choosing KMR Legal Staffing, you will be provided with a team of skilled contract attorneys and a project manager as needed. At the onset of each project, our project manager will meet with you to discuss your anticipated goals and expectations. From there, we will handle your needs in an efficient and thorough manner. Our team members are dedicated individuals who will work until the job is done correctly and to your satisfaction.

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KMR Legal Staffing will provide you with professional and individualized service from a highly knowledgeable and experienced team of contract attorneys. Additionally, you may choose to be provided with a project manager, also a licensed attorney, who will serve as a liaison between the contract attorneys and the law firm, attend any meetings to provide updates on the status of the review, and provide quality control for documents that our contractors have reviewed. We hand pick every contract attorney and require them to have significant document review experience. Our attorneys take the time to get to know every client in order to assist you in meeting each goal and fulfilling all of your legal needs. Our personal, hands-on approach makes our attorneys very accessible, and it is this approach that separates us from our competitors. We strive for excellence and our attorneys pride themselves on being attentive to every detail of our clients’ needs. We are there every step of the way and can assure that our clients will be satisfied with the professionalism and efficiency of our team!

Turn Key Locations


Our Legal Centers...

Our team of skilled attorneys is available to work in-office for any client, but for projects that exceed the capacity that law firms and corporate legal departments can house, our turn key locations supply the space and resources required to get even the largest projects complete. KMR Legal Staffing provides the secure facilities, equipment, attorneys and management expertise necessary to ensure your eDiscovery projects are completed in the most time efficient and cost effective way.


KMR Legal Staffing currently maintains office space in Chicago, Illinois and has immediate access to offices across the United States, including but not limited to Los Angeles, Atlanta, the District of Columbia.


Our Turn Key Legal Centers provide:

  • Access to secure and configurable workspace
  • Workstations with laptops or computers with large monitors
  • High speed internet
  • Space for visiting attorneys or supervisors
  • Comfortable desks, chairs, and all office needs including kitchen facilities
  • Conference Rooms

For more information about outsourcing your next document review in one of our office spaces please contact KMR Legal Staffing today.

Case Studies


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Case Study 1

Case Study: Large-scale Document Review: Completed Ahead of Deadline, Under Budget

Client profile: Large, public state university

Business situation: KMR Law Group was hired to complete a document review service for a large, public state university. The university was subpoenaed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and was asked to turn over all human resources and judicial affairs department records dating back to 2005. The contract attorneys with KMR Law Group were tasked with reviewing each document in a very short period of time (roughly 2 months). The team of KMR attorneys worked tirelessly, and were able to review each document and provide a detailed analysis to their client.

Project Scope: The team needed to translate more than 200,000 documents and analyze data in a federal case for the law firm's public education client. Time was of the essence, and work was completed ahead of deadline.

Business Benefits: KMR Law Group was able to orchestrate all of these services within 48 hours of the initial engagement. This total solution provided an estimated cost savings of over $200,000 to the related parties. Our staff was able to focus solely on the document review and provide the client with an unmatched quality of service.


Case Study 2

Case Study: Mid-Scale Document Review: Completed Under a Tight Time Restriction

Client Profile: Mid-size, city government

Business Solution: KMR Legal Staffing was hired to complete a document review service for a city government. The city was required to turn over documents from the computers of its top officials. The contract attorneys with KMR Legal Staffing were tasked with reviewing each document for relevancy and privilege. At the conclusion of the review, the team presented the client with detailed charts of relevant and privileged documents, allowing the law firm to quickly assess important information.

Project Scope: The team was required to review 16,000 documents in less than one week’s time and determine whether the city had any involvement in the mismanagement of government funds.

Business Benefits: KMR Legal Staffing was able to orchestrate this review within 24 hours of the initial engagement. The total solution saved the client a few thousand dollars and allowed the firm’s attorneys to focus on other portions of the matter.



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Where is KMR Law Group located?

KMR Law Group is based in the heart of the Chicago Loop. We are located at 233 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 8400, Chicago, IL 60606.

How can I contact KMR Law Group?

You can connect with members from KMR Law Group in a variety of ways! We are accessible via telephone at 312-574-0181, or by email at You can also visit our website at

Who is KMR?

Knight, Morris & Reddick is a boutique law firm based in Chicago, founded by partners Keli Knight, Yondi Morris and Jessica Reddick. Each of our attorneys brings both legal and real world expertise from diverse backgrounds.

How is KMR Law Group different from other legal staffing firms?

Because KMR Law Group is a small, boutique law firm, we are able to offer an individualized approach to the legal help you need. For our document review service, we offer a team of skilled contract attorneys along with a project manger to make sure the service is completed on schedule. KMR prides itself with having a hands-on approach, so that we can ensure you are satisfied with the service we provide. Our attorneys are very accessible, and can work to communicate with you in person or via telephone/email at your convenience.

Does KMR Law Group provide full-time professionals?

Yes, and the attorneys at KMR are dedicated to working until the work is done. We often work beyond the regular 9am-5pm hours. Whether this means working after hours, during weekends, or working remotely, KMR Law Group is available when you need us!

How can I be sure KMR Law Group will address my needs?

KMR Law Group has a hands-on management style, which ensures that we understand your individualized needs. When a service begins, a project manager usually meets with a member of your team to discuss your goals and expectations. This also allows us to get a basic understanding of any deadlines KMR needs to meet. KMR plans in advance to ensure we understand what your needs are, and how we can assist you. We are accessible if any concerns come up, and our project managers work throughout the process to keep you updated and ensure we are addressing your individual needs.

What if I'm not satisfied with the legal professional you send to us?

KMR Law Group prides itself on providing you with professional and dedicated attorneys. But if for any reason you are not satisfied with the legal professionals KMR provides, we will address the concern quickly and to your satisfaction. KMR will take any action necessary to address the issue effectively.

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